Now is the time for agility.

Keep your marketing efforts active with a dynamic video tour of your booth

Your Virtual Trade Show Team is comprised of seasoned, experienced professionals who believe businesses must display agility, especially in times like these. We know all of the work you've put into an integrated marketing plan that likely includes a substantial allocation of funding and resources toward trade show events. We’ve been there. And we understand the excitement of being able to display your latest products to your valued customers at a trade show.

But the trade show was canceled. So now, what do you do? 

This question is being pondered in boardrooms worldwide. We put our heads together, too, and believe we have a solution that leverages your existing investment to deliver the excitement of a real trade show experience no matter where they are.

INTRODUCING...Your Virtual Trade Show! 

Your Virtual Trade Show is the perfect solution to keep your marketing efforts alive by delivering an immersive, dynamic tour of your actual trade show booth! Through the use of video or 3D animation, we will deliver an entertaining and informative production to ensure that your products are seen in their best light. We will also write and deliver script copy that highlights key product features while reinforcing your brand messaging. In short, Your Virtual Trade Show is a great way to keep your trade show and marketing efforts alive! 

Don't risk your 2020 sales to the inability to show your new product offerings. Your Virtual Trade Show is the answer.

Best of all, it's cost-effective:

· Recover the money you already spent on your booth!

· Huge savings on staff travel and entertainment!

· Drastically reduce your freight shipping expenses! 

· No material handling fees. You're the only exhibitor!

· Little to Zero installation and dismantling!

Because the show must go on!  

Consolidate all your Trade Shows into one dynamic Booth Tour

Find out how this simple and seamless process can easily turn your current investment into a virtual trade show.

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